Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Herbal Whispers and Inspirations

Inspired by my many herbal sisters across the country, including Yvonne at Fuller Harvest Farm in Canada, and nudged by the total lunar eclipse of the full moon last week ON the Winter Solstice (talk about a trifecta!!), I begin this Herbal 'conversation' with the hopes of encouraging folks to learn more about the healing properties of local medicinal botanicals - which include everything from ground covers to invasive vines, common plants, perceived weeds, shrubs and of course, our noble trees who are the guardians of our communities and considered the elders of the botanical world.  More information will follow as I get the hang of blogging, and additional information can always be found at my website,

FYI:  I took the above picture just as the moon was beginning to be eclipsed at about 1:35AM on 12-21-2010 EST.