Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Live an Extra-Ordinary Life

I saw this post on Dr. Mercola's site, and it so inspired me on a slow-starting Monday morning that I wanted to share it with you - I hope that you receive benefit from watching it, and are inspired to act on the suggestions contained within.  The choice IS ours!

Green Blessings!

(Here is the link in case the above video does not play correctly for you)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inaugural Mid-Atlantic Women's Herbal Conference

Although today was chilly and overcast, it was warm, friendly and inviting at the first annual Mid-Atlantic Women's Herbal Conference in Kempton, PA.  It was a wonderful event attended by about 100 women from various neighboring states.  The many workshops offered were presented by noted herbalists and alternative health care providers with many, many years of plant knowledge:  Deb Soule, Kerry Smith, Kathleen Maier, Jesse Tobin, Susan Hess, Bevin Clare and Charis Lindrooth.  A vendor tent included gorgeous hand-made items, books to be signed by the authors, herbal creams, local herbal lotions and products, gemstones, herbal cordials, delicious local organic food and so much more. 

The spark for the idea for this Conference was when the Women's Herbal Conference moved two hours further north from the usual locaton in Peterborough, NH.  Now nearly an 11 hour drive, it became a virtual impossibility with small children in tow.   Of equal frustration, the SE Women's Herbal Conference held in Black Mountain, NC is also 11 hours away.

Herbal practioners and women who speak for the plants - take noteOctober 6, 2012 is the date for next year's event.  Plan for it.  Support it.  Make time for it, and you are making time for your Self.  Invite your Self to spend a day centered on healing and women-centered energy.  You will thank your Self for it!

Chapeau, Ladies!  A lot of hard work and extensive planning made this event such a success!