Monday, October 28, 2013

Learn about Elder!

As we head into the Fall and Winter months with colds, flu and viruses lurking about, take some time and get acquainted with Elder.  She is a powerful ally, and a worthy adversary to almost anything the fall and winter months can dish out.

Description:  Elder is a shrub to small tree with masses of creamy–yellow,
umbrella-shaped, flowering parts and dark purple edible berries. Elder is considered a magical and holy tree by various cultures of western and northern Europe. She is truly ancient, and vestiges of her existence have been found at Stone Age sites. Celtic lore regards elder as the tree of regeneration, representing “death in life and life in death.” She is considered the tree of transformation, guardian of the thirteenth month of the Celtic tree calendar, which contains the end of the year, Samhain (Halloween) and the beginning of the New Year (All Soul’s Day).

There is so very much more to be said of Elder than space permits, and it would behoove anyone interested to learn more about her magical and healing properties through humble respect and gentle openness to develop a working relationship with her.